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Cover of Bloodstar (1976) by Robert E. Howard and artist Richard Corben.
What is a graphic novel?
The exact definition of a graphic novel is debatable. Are comic books graphic novels? Are cave paintings that told stories using only pictures, a form of a graphic novel? Artists in the Middle Ages produced tapestries and illuminated manuscripts that used words and pictures to tell stories. Are these the precursors of graphic novels? The first western artist who interlocked lengthy writing with specific images was probably William Blake (1757-1826). He created several books in which the pictures and the storyline are inseparable as in graphic novels.

The term, graphic novel, first appeared in print in connection with three separate works. Bloodstar by Richard Corben(adapted from a story by Robert E. Howard) used the term to define itself on its dust jacket and introduction.


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It can be difficult to be a teen and live through the middle and high school years. We have a collection of books for teens about a variety of issues. We call these our “Teen Survival Guides” and we keep them near the Young Adult books in the same case as the graphic novels. 

We need your help deciding what to order! 


The library has a collection of study guides for the ACT, SAT, GRE, and other tests. It also has guides to help you choose and get into college, graduate or professional school.
The online database, LearningExpress, contains practice tests, information, and exercises to help succeed on these important tests.
Click here to open the LearningExpressLibrary. This database may be accessed from the library or remotely.


We have multiple copies of books assigned by the North Salem schools.







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