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Do you deliver books, DVD’s and audiobooks to the homebound? 

Yes, we do. The library will deliver books, magazines, DVDs, and audiobooks to homebound North Salem library patrons. For more information please call Pat Carey at (914) 669-5013.

 How do I get a library card?

Anyone who lives, works, goes to school or pays school taxes in North Salem is entitled to a free library card.  Simply come in with some form of ID showing your North Salem residency and we will gladly issue you a card.  With a library card, you will be able to check out materials not only from the Keeler Library, but from the entire Westchester Library System.
A library card is a financial responsibility; you are accountable for all materials borrowed on your or your child’s library card.  Furthermore, you must advise the circulation desk of any changes in your name, address, or phone number.  Please report lost cards immediately. If you lose your card there is a $3.00 charge to replace it.
Children of all ages are entitled to get library cards.

How do I donate books and other things?

Beginning in approximately March, we will accept donations of books, CD’s and DVD’s to be sold at the annual Book, Bake and Plant Sale that is held over the first weekend in May. We will not accept encyclopedias, condensed books, smelly or moldy books. The library reserves the right to accept or reject books because of their subject matter or condition. 
Sometimes we are looking for specific things such as furniture or electronics. In that case we will post the need in the newsletter and on the web page.
Patrons quite often want to add a book to the library’s collection in honor or memory of someone. We are delighted to help you with this. Please check with a librarian first before giving us the book as we may already have it or be able to purchase it more cheaply. We are a very small library and thus are limited in what we can add. Once everyone decides on the item, we sill be able to add a gift plate.

How do I reserve or renew a book, magazine or AV item or pay my library fines?

We are happy to help you in person, on the phone or by email to do these so please contact us. If you prefer to do it yourself, click on the my account button and follow instructions.
It is not possible to renew an item that has been renewed once already or has a hold on it.  Librarians are sometimes able to override the former but never the latter.
You may pay your fines in person at the library or online by going into your account at home or at work and using a credit card. There will be a processing fee.

How do I give a program at the library or suggest ideas for programs?

We are always looking for interesting program ideas. Please contact the director for programs for adults or teens and the children’s librarian for programs for children. We do not offer programs that are designed to sell a product or service. We are delighted always to co-sponsor programs with local non-profit organizations.

How do I reserve a room at the library?

We allow local non-profit groups to use the library and reserve rooms here. We do not allow for-profit activities to reserve rooms. Please call or email the library to reserve a room.

How do I borrow an item from outside the county?

We regularly borrow books or microfilm or get articles from outside the Westchester Library System. We are unable to borrow AV materials and generally, colleges will not lend books that have been published in the last six months. You need to see a member of the staff to do that. We submit these requests to the Interlibrary Loan staff at WLS and they facilitate it. They do not charge for this service and we do not charge. Sometimes, however, a lending library (generally colleges) will charge. We will not go ahead with the request without notifying you first and get your approval for a charge. 

How do I get notified about overdue items and holds?

Library Elf is no longer available. You can still be notified by the Westchester Library System of what’s due, overdue or ready for pickup.
Notification through Westchester Library System comes in three ways. 

Email notification will tell you:
a requested item is available to be picked up,
 an item you have on your card is overdue,
a requested item is unavailable and the request has been canceled and
an item on your card is due in three days.

Text and phone notification will only offer the following information:
a requested item is available to be picked up
and an item you have on your card is overdue.

We suggest you use email notification. It’s easy. Just tell us at the library and we will set it up.

How do I ask a librarian a question?

If you have reference questions, want a good book to read, movie to watch, or need to know why you owe a fine or any other pertinent questions, please email the library.

Do you lend out tablets or other electronic devices?

We formerly had Nooks that were purchased and donated to the library by the Friends. We have gotten rid of all of them.

How do I register for a program?

Very few of our programs require registration and all of our programs are free. Most of our programs are now in person at the library after COVID. Some are still by Zoom and if registration is necessary, please call or email the library, 914-669-5161, or go to the library website, click on the event.. We will send you an email confirmation and the Zoom link









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