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Library Exhibits

The library has three exhibit areas. There is no charge to exhibit in any of the areas. The public is invited to talk to the library director about exhibiting. 

The Gallery Wall
Local residents are invited to submit applications to hang their work on our gallery wall. Exhibits hang for one month and the artist is responsible for hanging and taking down their works, publicity, and hosting a reception should they desire. Artists should contact Phyllis Gargiulo at the library to arrange for an exhibit.

Exhibits and displays in the library shall reflect the library’s role as an educational and cultural institution. The library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit or display at any time.

  1. The scheduling of exhibits and/or displays is the sole responsibility of the library and its staff. The selection and arrangement of the exhibit and/or display may be subject to the approval of the library and/or its designee.
  2. Any individual, group, or organization may apply to place an exhibit or display in the library to benefit the residents of the community and patrons of the library.
  3. An application is required for all exhibits and/or displays and is subject to the same terms and conditions as set forth for the use of the library’s public spaces.
  4. Individuals and/or organizations are responsible for hanging their displays.
  5. The hanging of all displays must be approved by the director before installation.
  6. Nothing is to be mounted or attached to any other wall, cabinet, furniture, windows, doors, etc. of the Library without the express written approval of the director.
  7. Exhibits shall be hung and removed by the dates and times specified on the application form. Failure to comply with such time frames may result in the removal of the display by the library staff. The library assumes no responsibility for the items at any time.
  8. The library does not provide any specific insurance for any display or exhibit items nor items in their care, custody, and control.
  9. The sale of art or other items on exhibit or display at the library by residents, groups, organizations, and/or artists is subject to a commission to the library of 20%. Such commission may be waived or reduced in the event the sale benefits another non-profit or not-for-profit organization. Such waiver or reduction is at the sole discretion of the library or its designee.

Due to the increased cost of insurance, the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library is no longer able to provide insurance coverage for temporary exhibits. Therefore, the library now requires that each exhibitor sign a Waiver/Release form, releasing the library of liability for any damage, loss, theft, or other injuries. Each exhibitor should also obtain, or check whether his or her existing insurance already provides, whatever insurance protection he or she feels is appropriate. Please note: The sale of art on exhibit is subject to a commission to the Library of 20%.

The Display Cases
Use of the display cases if generally reserved for the library and library programs. If you have something or a collection of items that would fit in the cases and you would like to show them, please contact the library director.

Conference Room
The wall space room is generally reserved for use by the NS Historical Society. 


The conference room

The previous exhibit of photographs from the NS Historical Society in an exhibit called “Taverns, Inns, Hotels, and Restaurants.” has been removed.It will be replaced in the fall of 2022 by another exhibit.

The NSHS is always searching for memorabilia.  If you are cleaning out an attic or garage, please think of the NSHS.  Originals are most welcomed, but copies and/or scans are just as valuable!  Thanks!”

The Display Cases 
Commemorative Plates from the Collection of Robert Treadway will be on exhibit.This exhibit was done in 2020 for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower. After the War of 1812, English Staffordshire Potters, began to produce commemorative plates with American patriotic themes. As tourism grew to historic sites such as Jamestown, the market for souvenir plates grew. This collection has items from 1899 to the early 2000’s. Thank you Robert for sharing your collection.

April 2022 +, Participants from the watercolor class taught by Chrissanth Gross will exhibit their work.

The Gallery Wall
Exhibits in 2019

In January 2019, Nina Bertolino and the library’s Friday Morning Watercolor Group will exhibit their work. In the past year, this group has met every Friday to paint watercolors with Nina Bertolino as our creative director. We have learned to observe the world differently now, seeing the subtle shadows and shades in our everyday environment and learning to put them on paper. We are all talented amateurs who now love watercolors and enjoy each other’s company.

In February 2019 the featured artists will be students from the NS Nursery School. Family members, pets, favorite toys, superheroes, gardens, and homes, insects, and dinosaurs are just some of the subjects that populate the imaginations of preschool children. Their colorful renderings of them are freely creative and evocative. Each has a story behind it; each brings a smile to one’s face. As a group, they are simply delightful.

In March 2019 second grade students at PQ elementary school will be displaying their collages under the guidance of teacher Jayne Silverblade. These colorful collages were inspired by Henri Matisse. While the students were working on their cut-outs, they learned about free form shapes, positive and negative shapes, and contrasting colors and balance.

In April 2019 the North Salem High School digital photography classes I, II, and AP will display their photographs.

In May 2019 North Salem Middle School students will display their work.

In June 2019 Seema K. Varma will exhibit her work presenting a vivid collection of paintings that cover a variety of subjects and techniques all skillfully captured with beautiful acrylic colors on canvas. I practice an intuitive style of painting. As well as being an artist, I am a poet, author, teacher, wife, mother, and founder of Saval Seva Trust. I have self-published four books on spirituality and self-help. Please view my work at

In October and November 2019 Nina Bertolino will exhibit her work. Her paintings range from abstract to impressionistic. She has a bachelor’s from Sarah Lawrence and a master’s in art education from the College of New Rochelle. She worked at a silkscreen atelier. She paints in oils, acrylics, gouache, and watercolor. She also enjoys working in pastels and creating mixed media pieces and collages. She facilitates two art groups for acrylics/pastels and watercolors in North Salem. She loves to use bold colors in her artwork and often sees colors in things that others don’t. She loves to create and share her love of art with others.

In December 2019 Laura Gould will exhibit paintings and drawings including those from her students who study and practice their skills with Laura. The subjects chosen for the drawings and paintings are from the surrounding parks and the natural world. On view are paintings and drawings in graphite, color pencil, and watercolor. The appreciation for plants and the natural world is the thread that binds the students and teachers in their practice of this beautiful art.

Exhibits in 2020

In January 2020, Salwan and Ban Nouri will exhibit their work. They have been residents of North Salem for over 20 years and have exhibited their work in a variety of places. Salwan acquired his artistic technique, skills, and much of his inspiration when he studied in India. Ban looks for inspiration for her art through multiple channels including family members, past arts, and ideas stemming from her imagination. Her oil paintings are a take on classic contemporary styles depicting scenarios of women in different eras in various themes.

In February 2020, The children at the North Salem Nursery School will exhibit their work. Family members, pets, favorite toys, superheroes, gardens, and homes, insects, and dinosaurs are just some of the subjects that populate the imaginations of preschool children. Their colorful renderings are freely creative and evocative. Each has a story behind it; each brings a smile to one’s face. As a group, they are simply delightful. 

In October 2020, Cathy Morris, a local photographer will exhibit her photos of Peach Lake. It is paired with the display cases that house postcards from the Vail and Myer families from 1900 – 1950. Cathy has taken photos of the same places now.

In November 2020, June Greenspan, a local photographer, will exhibit her photography. She writes of her work: “The imagery is painstakingly created with layered software that took years to master. I paint with photographs that I change when needed. I still consider myself a photographer. I’m an artist of the digital age but I have a longing to translate my imagery in more traditional styles; as though crafted from an earlier age.”

Exhibits in 2021

In May 2021, Penny Feder will exhibit her Little Art Prints. This exhibit is a collection of some of the artist’s favorite images, done originally in different mediums and techniques. They have been turned into beautiful state of the art archival giclee prints, reduced to a small size, professionally matted and framed. You can see the full collection at

In June 2021, Jean Morley will exhibit her work about which she writes, “Contemporary abstract art often delivers an impact stronger than traditional figurative, or subjective paintings. The personal connection of the individual viewer’s interpretation and its ability to command the mood of its audience, is very powerful. This collection contains an array of images which evoke human sensitivities and ethereal beauty through a variety of inks and other painting mediums. Produced as multilayered paintings, the images evolve and eventually provide an impression for the viewer to see the world in a peaceful and inspiring way. The artist’s intent is to evoke emotion. She began this collection while facing late-stage cancer treatment and the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers will see a kaleidoscope of emotions in these images portraying the many miracles and unexpected happiness in times of crisis. (commissions, original paintings and prints available).”

In July 2021, The Westchester Watercolor Society will exhibit their work.

In August 2021, Margaret Timone will exhibit her work about which she writes, “Margaret is a classical artist who specializes in watercolors and pencil but also works in oil and casein. Her work is inspired by nature, her dreams and the human form. Her love and respect for history transforms her actual or mythical themes into her own sacred places.”

In September 2021, Cindy Sacks will exhibit her work about which she writes, “Inanimate painting is about connection to subject and to viewer. Perhaps inanimate is an idea that appeals to me. I attempt to sense the anima of every subject I paint. The works I enjoy most reveal the gesturm mark of the paint. This painterly realism creates a feeling of immediacy and reminds me of the hand behind the brush.”

In October 2021, Patti Ettinger will exhibit her paintngs.

In November, 2021, Pandemic Pear Project by Lauretta Jones. The Pear Project began as a way to extract something positive from 2020 by exploring the art on the iPad. Each pear is drawn with a single digital “brush.” Many of them were sent by friends, family, and students in a collaboration born of the pandemic.For a donation of $30 or more to the library, you can choose a small framed image of a pear.

In December 2021, Chrissanth Greene-Gross will exhibit her work about which she writes,
“Believe it or not, for me landscape painting was an acquired taste. It’s the infinite sense of divine imagination that I find most overwhelming. How can I contribute to the perfect splendor of this beautiful land?
No matter how impossible it may seem to capture the beauty I see and feel. I keep showing up. Even if I fall short, at least this act of devotion says ‘Thank You’ a thousand times.
I create tiny portals to sacred spaces. My clients say my landscapes convey a feeling of peace – a sensation that takes them back to moments of connection, appreciation and gratitude. If I can contribute to their lives in this blessed way, it is an honor and joy.”.

Exhibits in 2022

In January, 2022, students from the North Salem Middle School will exhibit their art work.

In February, 2022, students from the North Salem Nursery School will exhibit their bright, bold and wonderful paintings.

In March, 2022, students from the PQ Elementary School will exhibit their  photography. The 2nd grade students at PQ learned about the folk artist Heather Galler and her still life paintings. The students studied the use of vibrant colors, unique shapes and patterns which she used to create her famous works of art. Then they created their own floral still life paintings inspired by the works of Heather Galler. We hope ou enjoy the vibrant colors with a splash of glitter to catch your attention. While you look at each stil life painting try to see if you can count the number of different patterns.

In April, 2022, NSHS Advanced Placement Photography, Digital Photography I & II courses will exhibit their work.

In May, 2022, Jeanne Farewell will exhibit her paintings that depict America’s rural past and characters in settings that suggest a story. Her work has been exhibited in shows from Maine to Maryland. She graduated in art history from Vassar College and studied studio art at Parsons School of Design and the American Academy of Design. Also a writer and a conservatory-trained classical pianist, she gives lecture-recitals about music that is based in art and literature.

In June, 2022, Richard Rodamar will exhibit his photographs.

In July, 2022, The Northern Westchester Watercolor Society will exhibit their work

In August, 2022, Margaret Timone, a classical artist who works in watercolors and pencil, will exhibit her work. She writes that she is inspired by nature, dreams and the human form. Her love of and respect for history forms her art.

In September, 2022, Barbara Morse-LuBell will exhibit her work. She is a printmaker and mixed-media artist whose monotypes and hand-made artist books have been exhibited across New York and Connecticut. To infuse her compositions with her signature depth and resonance, she selects imagery from a rich vocabulary of personal symbols and natural phenomena.

In October, 2022, Birds of a Feather, a group of artists who work in watercolors and oils will exhibit their work.

In December, 2022, Chrissanth Green-Gross will exhibit her landscapes.










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