Library Resources

Current Exhibits


The library has three exhibit areas. There is no charge to exhibit in any of the areas. The public is invited to talk to the library director about exhibiting. 

The Gallery Wall
Local residents are invited to submit applications to hang their work on our gallery wall. Exhibits hang for one month and the artist is responsible for hanging and taking down their works, publicity and hosting a reception should they desire. Artists should contact Phyllis Gargiulo at the library to arrange for an exhibit.

Exhibits and displays in the Library shall reflect the Library’s role as an educational and cultural institution. The Library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit or display at any time.

  1. The scheduling of exhibits and/or displays is the sole responsibility of the Library and its staff. The selection and arrangement of the exhibit and/or display may be subject to approval of the Library and/or its Designee.
  2. Any individual, group or organization may apply to place an exhibit or display in the Library for the purpose of benefiting the residents of the community and patrons of the Library.
  3. An Application is required for all exhibits and/or displays and is subject to the same terms and conditions as set forth for the use of the Library’s public spaces.
  4. Individuals and/or organizations are responsible for hanging their own displays.
  5. The hanging of all displays must be approved by the Director before installation.
  6. Nothing is to be mounted or attached to any other wall, cabinet, furniture, windows, doors, etc. of the Library without the express written approval of the Director.
  7. Exhibits shall be hung and removed in accordance with the dates and times specified on the Application Form. Failure to comply with such time frames may result in removal of the display by the Library staff. The Library assumes no responsibility for the items at any time.
  8. The Library does not provide any specific insurance for any display or exhibit items nor items in their care, custody and control.
  9. The sale of Art or other items on exhibit or display at the Library by residents, groups, organizations and/or artists is subject to a commission to the Library of 20%. Such commission may be waived or reduced in the event the sale benefits another non-profit or not-for-profit organization. Such waiver or reduction is at the sole discretion of the Library or its Designee.

Due to the increased cost of insurance, the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library is no longer able to provide insurance coverage for temporary exhibits. Therefore, the Library now requires that each exhibitor sign a Waiver/Release form, releasing the Library of liability for any damage, loss, theft or other injury. Each exhibitor should also obtain, or check whether his or her existing insurance already provides, whatever insurance protection he or she feels is appropriate. Please note: The sale of art on exhibit is subject to a commission to the Library of 20%.

The Display Cases
Use of the display cases if generally reserved for the library and library programs. If you have something or a collection of items that would fit in the cases and you would like to show them, please contact the library director.

Conference Room
The wall space room is generally reserved for use by the NS Historical Society. 


The display cases are currently holding water color paintings done by the library group that meets on Friday mornings under the leadership of Nina Bertolino.

The photos on display in the conference room are of the restoration of the Cat Ridge Cemetery.

The art on the gallery wall in August is by members of the Westchester Watercolor Society.

In September, Chrissanth Greene-Gross will be exhibiting her work.She is a new resident and the hunt to capture and convey her vision of beauty is tantamount to breathing. As the daughter of an illustrator and model, Chrissanth was watching the magical process of making people come alive on canvas from an early age. Much to her father’s chagrin, she brought  her visionary convictions to bear on his work, if she could not convince him to make suggested improvements himself.

Her training continued at the High School Music and Art, Queens College and the University of Michigan, including workshops with Daniel Greene, Andrew Lattimore, Joe Paquet and figurative sculptor, Richard McDermott Miller. She has worked as a storyboard artist, illustrator of children’s books and portrait artist for over 30 years.

While Chrissanth enjoys working in a variety of media and genres, “You’ve Got To Be Cracked” displays her still life work in oil. Embraced by button down dress shirts, eggs wax poetic as light pours through their cracks. The journey of creating this show took her through meditations on brokenness, wholeness and healing, leading her to ask “What’s left when I am cracked open and all the masks of the ego fall away?” The answer is n the painting. “Sharing this work brings to fruition my deepest motive in creating art: gratitude for the transformational power of love and, sometimes, humor, “she says with a chuckle, “I hope it either cracks you open, cracks you up, or both.”

Chrissanth Greene-Gross will have a reception at the library on September 8, 2017 from 6:00 -7:30.

In October, Ted Bohlk will be exhibiting a selection of photographs of scerery, plants and animals taken in Maine, the North Fork of eastern Long Island, Westchester County and other locations in New York State.